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Established in 2004 in Singapore, Specialist in BioHealth Quantum Nano Technology products since 1997,

BioMagnetic, Negative ION, Qi-Chips, Far infrared Ray, Germanium, Silverion, Titanium,

Graphene, Kinergy products and Tera Hertz Energy and other Energy stone.

We are also dealing with Original Tibet 'DZI' Tianzhu beads.


My name is Thomas Wong MK

Founder of Kinkang International since 2004. 
新加坡品牌2011-理事长 Singapore Brand Award 2011
新加坡卓越品牌白金大奖2012 Singapore Promising SME 500
新加坡成功企业白金大奖2010 Singapore Successful Award 2010
亚太杰出品牌2011/特优健康 100大 Asia Pacific Excellent Award 2011

亚太超级100健康品牌2010/11大 Asia Pacific Super Health Brand2010/2011

新健康100特优健康产品2010/Asia Top Excellent Health 100Products/Magazine2010

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Connects better positive energy to everyone.

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High end quality products with professional masterpieces creation for life's usage.

Image by Alvin Mahmudov

Our History & Team.

Below is the history of some shops in Singapore. We are back for more for our precious customer. We are back for all service and better-quality products. We are sure to served you better with best commitment. Please give your support by share and like! TQ

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