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Quantum Energy 

Electromagnetic spectrum

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Class Wave-

{\displaystyle \lambda }Freq-

{\displaystyle f}Energy per

{\displaystyle E}

γGamma rays 1 pm300 EHz1.24 MeV

10 pm30 EHz124 keV

HXHard X-rays

100 pm3 EHz12.4 keV

SXSoft X-rays

nm300 PHz1.24 keV

10 nm30 PHz124 eV



Sources: File:Light spectrum.svg[1][2][3]

The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of frequencies (the spectrum) of electromagnetic radiation and their respective wavelengths and photon energies.

The electromagnetic spectrum covers electromagnetic waves with frequencies ranging from below one hertz to above 1025 hertz, corresponding to wavelengths from thousands of kilometers down to a fraction of the size of an atomic nucleus. This frequency range is divided into separate bands, and the electromagnetic waves within each frequency band are called by different names; beginning at the low frequency (long wavelength) end of the spectrum these are: radio wavesmicrowavesinfraredvisible lightultravioletX-rays, and gamma rays at the high-frequency (short wavelength) end. The electromagnetic waves in each of these bands have different characteristics, such as how they are produced, how they interact with matter, and their practical applications. There is no known limit for long wavelengths, while it is thought that the short wavelength limit is in the vicinity of the Planck length.[4] Extreme ultraviolet, soft X-rays, hard X-rays and gamma rays are classified as ionizing radiation because their photons have enough energy to ionize atoms, causing chemical reactions. Exposure to ionizing radiation can be a health hazard, causing radiation sicknessDNA damage and cancer. Radiation of visible light and longer wavelengths are classified as nonionizing radiation because they have insufficient energy to cause these effects.

Throughout most of the electromagnetic spectrum, spectroscopy can be used to separate waves of different frequencies, producing a spectrum of the constituent frequencies. Spectroscopy is used to study the interactions of electromagnetic waves with matter.[5]


Kinkang BioQi

Kinkang Qi Is a type of Bio Nano  technology that converts mechanical/thermal energy as produced by small-scale physical change into electricity. It had a JAPAN Technology. Patent No: 1234365464 for Healthy Wellness.



Spectrum Magnetic

The theory of magnetic field therapy is that if you are suffering from certain issues, such as pain, or other debilitating ailments because your body is no longer in balance. Our body also has a natural magnetic field. Magnetic field therapy attempts to correct this imbalance.


Negative ION

In nature, negative ions are generated by processes such as sunlight, lightening, waves from the ocean, and from waterfalls. "Concrete Jungles" minimize the natural production of negative ions by disrupting the delicate electrical balance between the atmosphere and the earth. Kinkang ION - KOREA Technology we stock which uses Tourmaline to naturally emit Negative Ions. 


Far Infrared Ray

Far-Infrared Rays are waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, which penetrate the surface of the skin where they gently elevate the body’s surface temperature to 107.6F/42C and above, whilst positively activating body systems and functions.

Image by Elisa Photography



Germanium is a chemical element with atomic number 32  meaning there are 32 protons and 32 electrons in the atomic structure. The chemical symbol is Ge. To put it more simply, your organic germanium cures by inducing the body's own natural healing increasing the flow of oxygen, organic germanium simulates latent natural healing powers existing in the human body, thereby.


Quantum Tera Hertz 

Terahertz (THz) is a unit of measure of frequency that is equal to 1 trillion hertz (10 12 Hz). It usually refers to the frequency of an electromagnetic wave, which is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum invisible to the naked eye that lies in between the microwave and the infrared range. 

Resonates with our cells thus activating healthy and dormant cells.
Eliminates bad, mutated and free radical cells in the process.

Image by Abhipsa Pal
Image by Diego Carneiro


Nano Titanium

The health status of the body’s energy is measured in terms of its flow, balance and harmony. For optimum health, the body’s energy needs to be in a constant state of movement. Positive energy flows freely in the energy systems bring vitality and health. Obstructed or unbalanced energy is the result of negative fields of energy. When energy pathways are blocked, free flow of vital energy is prevented. This brings about an imbalance to the energy system and can lead to diseases.


​Spectrum Graphene

Graphene is the thinnest material known to man at one atom thick, and also incredibly strong - about 200 times stronger than steel. On top of that, graphene is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and has interesting light absorption abilities. ROC Wellness Technology.

Image by Susan Wilkinson
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